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          1961 Corvair Monza - Restoration by Old School Mechanic

I brought my 1969 Ford F100 to Old School Mechanic for a tune up and to stop various fluid leaks. I got it back running better than ever and no more leaks.  Thanks to Ernest and especially Larry for the great job they did!  Phil N.

Ernest, Teeder and Larry are licensed master mechanics and between the three, have over 100 years experience.

Old School Mechanic Background

Starting out in a Nova Scotia wrecking yard in the early 60's, a young mechanic started his lifelong love for classic cars. At the age of 16, Ernest built his own track car, which launched his semi-pro racing career.  His experience stretches from drag to closed road courses. After racing Ernest traveled Canada with Ken Carter "The Mad Canadian", jumping motorcycles and cars. Throughout his career Ernest has always emphasized the importance of "knowing your car inside and out."  As a result he has spent most of his life not on the track, but in the shop, constantly working his team or sometimes alone, to get the most out of his machines.  With 45+ years experience you'd be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable mechanic.

Come and see for yourself.  When you bring your car to Old School Mechanic for maintenance or repair, we'll treat you with respect and dignity.  We won't worry you with unnecessary expenses. We make sure your car leaves trouble-free so you can have your freedom and peace of mind.  We do it right.