1959 Ford Club Victoria

    Restoration by Old School Mechanic

Classic Car Service

We offer a unique service because we rebuild engines and transmissions and will change out rear end gearings.  

We also build street modified engines and do engine repair, service, tune ups, brakes and more instead of full off frame body restoration.  We now have a Paint and Body Shop: please call to book an appointment.


$100.00 per hour

Classic Cars

50's, 60's, mid-70's Chev, Ford, Mopar, Old School Muscle

50's to early 60's British M.G., M.G.A., Triumph, Austin

Specializing in tune ups
Rebuilding carburetor Chevy, Mopar, Ford, 1940-1980, 4 barrel - $250.00 + kit

​Front end alignment, brakes, suspension and tire change

Rear end, axle, brakes, wheel bearings, king pins, gas tank work

Transmission removal and installation

Engine rebuilding

Head caskets, valve adjustment

Clutch installation for standard and hydraulic clutches

Mechanical assembly work

​Paint and Body work

Road testing

Locating extensive parts

Upholstery and interior referral


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Routine maintenance is probably the most important part of automobile care and the easiest to neglect.  A regular program aimed at monitoring essential systems ensures that all components are in good and safe working order and can prevent small problems from developing into major headaches.  Routine maintenance also pays off big dividends in keeping major repair costs at a minimum and extending the life of the car.  We do it right!

​​​                                   CLASSIC CAR REBUILD, REPAIR & MAINTENANCE

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