Engine rebuild

New brakes

Trunk rebuild

Flush rad, change heater core, new thermostat


Complete engine rebuild, rebuild transmission

Pull out and installation of engine

All brake lines, wheel cylinders and drums

Fuel lines, rebuild fuel pump

Various electronics

Repair convertible top


1973 NOVA

Pulled 305 V.8.

Found used 350.  4 barrel and rebuilt the motor.  Reinstalled, also did transmission

Flush and replace new filter 

Cleaned screen and pump

New seals put in transmission restore

New brakes

MGD Kit Car

Carb repair and cleaning

Rebuild generator

Electrical: lights, switches and wires

Oil change filter and plugs

Turn around time: 1 day

1959 MGBD

Switch from positive to negative ground

Alternator conversion

Tune up

Valve adjustment

​​1972 Cutlass Convertible​

1965 mustang

Tune up

Check out car, make sure road worthy


1984 Firebird

 Engine Rebuild

Install Clutch, Pressure Plate, Throw Out Bearing and Transmission

Modify Clutch to Mechanical Clutch

Frame:  Take bumper off, re-straighten frame, find new piece.  Re-straighten radiator housing, re-straighten inner fender wall with frame. Reinstall new bumper, new fender, new headlight buckets.  Reassember inner and outer tie rod ends and centre link

1967 Chevy Impala Supersport Convertible

Tune up

Oil change and filter

Rebuild carb

Plugs, points and condensers

Rotor, cap, timing

Wheel bearings and wheel cylinders

New brake shoes

New spring sets

Brake adjustment

Check brake lines

Combination valve checked bled out

Remove back seat, 2 pieced side panels, regrease rear window gears and crank

Remove old shocks and replace with new

Clean and paint engine compartment to look like new

1976 CamAro

Present Project

Complete mechanical restoration

​Pictures to come

Wiring Issue, Pedal Bar, Exhaust Replacement, Front End Brake Conversion

1974 VW BUG

1974 FIAT

Motor Reassembly

1965 Mustang

Engine rebuild

Front end conversion: inner outer tie rods, front end ball joints

Front end brake conversion

Rear end conversion

1966 Plymouth BELVEDERE 2

Front brake conversion to disc

Complete rear end rebuild.  Change to 373 gears single wheel drive

Stereo installation with hidden receiver with remote

Instrument cluster replaced

Roof adjustment

Repair front frame rails, replace front sills and replace with new sheet metal and weld in

Remove rot from floor panels and replace with new sheet metal and weld in

Cut out all rot of inner fender wells both sides and fabricate new ones and weld in, glass over and paint

Remove all 4 brake calipers, rebuild and reinstall

Remove alternator and replace with new alternator

Remove fuel pump and replace with new fuel pump

Pull yoke and pinion gear to replace seal

Remove fuel filter, air filter, oil filter and replace with new

Remove and replace radiator hoses with new

Change plugs, wires, cap, rotor, points, timing belt

Remove and replace wheel studs with proper size studs

Remove rust and rot from rocker panels both sides.  Fabricate and replace with new, weld in, then glass over and paint

Take gas tank out because full of varnish, send out to be vulcanized, refurbish and reinstall

Engine rebuild

Repair electrical issues

New clutch installation

Minor body work and paint (fender, hood, trunk repair)

1964 Studebaker Daytona

Short block build

Major tune up

Electrical work

Retune carburetor

Attach a connector gasket to manifold


New rear exhaust pipe hanger

New thermostat and shroud

​​​                                   CLASSIC CAR REBUILD, REPAIR & MAINTENANCE

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Present Project

Brakes need work

Replace tires

Drivers side door needs work

Front end work

Carburetor Reuild

Engine Rebuild

1964 Buick Electra 225 

Remove damaged heater core

Replace with new heater core, hoses and clamps

Remove old muffler and partial exhaust

Replace muffler and exhaust pipe

Weld exhaust pipe where there were holes.  Reinstall hangers

Motor Disassembly

1979 MGB




1974 jAGUAR x36

1972 MERCEDES 350




1966 Chevelle

Front end brake conversion

Replace timing chain and gears

Gas tank removal, fix leak, replace tank

Finished car. Happy customer!

1964 Corvair

Engine rebuild


Engine Rebuild

Body Panel Fabrication

1981 Trans Am 4.6

Trace out electrical problem and replace window motor so driver's window works

Bleed brakes

1969 Impala Convertible

New electronic distributor, coil pack, cap, plugs and wire kit installed

Flush rad

Valve pan cover gaskets replaced

​1971 VW Bus

New muffler

Replace gaskets

Electronics - Signal and wiper switches fixed